Introducing bespoke!


So this is the first time I remember Valerie.  Western Dubuque’s Homecoming Dance in October of 2007!  I wish I could script out an inspirational story of our first introduction, but to be honest, I can hardly remember the introduction myself!  Valerie and I may have met a time or two before this, but I don’t think we’d shared more than hello’s and general how-are-you’s.  I was wrapped up in the world of high school, loving my first semester of film photography, and crushing on Derek (now my fiance!  Excuse his mid-sentence look!)
After our first introduction, time kept rolling along like always… Valerie graduated, I graduated, and we pursued bachelor degrees at separate colleges.  We both started our love stories with photography, and I followed Valerie’s images on Facebook.  (That sounds a lot less weird than saying I clicked through almost ALL of Valerie’s images…okay, so I may have been a small-scale creeper!)  I photographed a few weddings with Valerie and found that I loved collaborating with her and was always amused by her quirky sense of humor :)

And then somehow, five years after that Homecoming Dance, I found myself in the passenger seat of Valerie’s Ford Escape with Rome, Georgia as our destination.  With twelve hours of highway, our conversations covered a dictionary of thoughts, likes, ideas, inspirations, and THIS is when I was really introduced to Valerie’s heart.  I learned a lot of important details….like how Valerie loves mashed potatoes and practically despises most things green and healthy.  She turns her nose up at weird textured fruits which still makes me laugh!  Really though, Val has a beautiful heart.  Big dreams.  Amazing faith.

Valerie and I trekked through a nature preserve on the campus of Berry College, took a ton of photographs, and shared lots of laughs.


The trees in Georgia were absolutely amazing!


Val is seriously SO gorgeous!


We became close friends throughout our week in Georgia and we started combining dreams.  Ember Grove and Expressions Photography collided, bespoke was born, and we are incredibly excited for you to experience the stories and images from our collaboration!  Come back Thursday for a post by Val – we have so much to share!
Oh, and a teaser for a future post. ;)



3 thoughts on “Introducing bespoke!

  1. Hello lovelies!!!

    I’m super excited to watch this grow!! You both do such a wonderful job and have so much personality that I’m not sure if I’m more excited for the pictures or the actual words themselves :) I’ll be reading!

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