An adventure that inspired bespoke

So there we were…in the middle of God’s beautiful creation mulling over the challenges and encouragements of the day behind the lenses we held so tightly.


“The original definition of courage was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”


That quote among many really challenged the mindset we held for our businesses.  We battled feelings of insecurity coupled with desires for more, yet pushed each other forward holding onto even the smallest of hope.  You see, Rachel and I, we’re dreamers.  We are passionate creatives longing for our art to encourage, to tell a story.

This adventure we were on was one that inspired this lovely platform on which I write to you.  Rachel and I traveled together to a photography conference designed specifically for Christian women.  We spent hours in the car sharing dreams and becoming close friends as we traveled the not-so-beautiful state of Illinois en route to Georgia.  (If you’ve ever driven North to South through Illinois, you know what I’m talking about….bore-ville!)  But then we got to the South and our spirits brightened.  It was a life-changing trip for our friendship, our hearts, and our photography businesses.  Enjoy some images from our time :)



Rachel is just lovely.  Her love for beauty, love, and life inspires and pushes me.  Her images complement mine and I love the result of our collaboration.










In the midst of our exploring down a gravel road we slowed down as we came across some sheep.  Embarrassingly, we made some sort of noise and the sheep instantly started sprinting toward us.  Now, I cannot put into words the joy and excitement these sheep gave Rachel.  I had never before and have never since seen this side of Rachel that you see in these images.  In other news, the image she took of all the sheep peering through the fence won a Gold Addy Award and is advancing!


She was so excited that some of her images from these moments turned out like this… :)

What a doll :)2013-02-27_0013

Until next time,


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