Travis & Sam | A Lakeside Coralville Engagement

Meet Travis and Sam.  Her spunk and sweet heart easily have him captivated in a way that is so evident, it melts your heart.  On a gorgeous late-summer day,  a holiday weekend, we started their session in the heart of Iowa City, the Ped Mall.  This lovely little scene is where they get to live life.  It was only right to capture them in their natural element where they walk the streets to the sound of sidewalk guitars and friendly laughter.




We then ventured to a nearby lake where we spotted a gorgeous, serene valley.  It looked like it belonged in a fairy-tale…but this is where it gets interesting.  After Travis and Sam set down their things just moments before we would begin shooting, Sam noticed a bee.  Then another, and another and…….we were sprinting.  Now let me tell you, Travis and Sam are amazing.  They were each stung several times, Sam had her bunny in her arms the whole time and she lost a shoe while escaping the swarm.  Yet, they continued in positivity and we shot these next photos immediately following the incident! This is a true story, folks.  Props to these two, it takes a lot to look that good after bee stings and a sprint through the Iowa humidity.


Meet Chester Bunnington.  Travis gifted Sam this incredibly fluffy and adorable little guy for her birthday and he is a very important part of their life.  We’re just thankful he didn’t fall ill of bee sting that day! ;)



2013-03-10_0015 2013-03-10_0014

2013-03-10_0004 2013-03-10_0008

2013-03-14_0005 2013-03-14_0004






2013-03-10_0018 2013-03-10_0019 2013-03-10_0011


Seriously you two? What a perfect way to end the post.  Full of Gorgeous. 2013-03-10_0001

This weekend is Travis & Sam’s wedding and I couldn’t be more excited for them!  Be on the lookout for some gorgeous images to come on the blog and maybe even some Instagrams along the way! :)



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