Ian & Missy | A Beautiful Grey & Yellow Des Moines Wedding

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Today I’m excited to share Ian and Missy’s gorgeous Des Moines wedding!
I first met Ian & Missy via a Skype conversation.  Because of the distance, we chatted over the lovely world wide web…and even through our pixelated conversation we instantly became friends!  A few weeks later, Ian and Missy came to Dubuque for their engagement session…and after photographing them on that warm October day, I could hardly wait for their wedding!  They’re seriously such easy-going, incredible people and it was an absolute privilege to photograph their wedding day.

Random fact:  Ian & Missy’s day (3.16) is also the anniversary of the night my highschool sweetheart (and now fiancé!) first asked me to be his girlfriend!

2013-03-18_00032013-03-18_00022013-03-18_00072013-03-18_00062013-03-18_00012013-03-18_00092013-03-19_00052013-03-18_00162013-03-18_00102013-03-18_00242013-03-18_00112013-03-19_00032013-03-19_00012013-03-19_00022013-03-19_00172013-03-18_00202013-03-16_00052013-03-18_00182013-03-18_00142013-03-18_00212013-03-19_00042013-03-18_00192013-03-16_00032013-03-19_00162013-03-19_00072013-03-19_00082013-03-19_00062013-03-19_00142013-03-18_00042013-03-18_00152013-03-19_00132013-03-19_00102013-03-19_00092013-03-19_00152013-03-19_00112013-03-19_00122013-03-16_00022013-03-16_00012013-03-19_0018Ian & Missy, I hope you’re having an amazing time on your honeymoon!  Thanks for letting me document your beautiful day! :)


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