Travis & Sam | A Fresh & Bright Ames Wedding

You met them in the midst of their gorgeous lakeside engagement session last week, and now, Travis & Sam are married! They chose not to see each other before the ceremony, which resulted in a morning of anticipation, butterflies and sweet moments.  Travis and Sam are blessed with some really great friends and family.  You can tell how much they love them and support their relationship.  It was such a fun experience for me to photograph such a joyful and encouraging group of friends.  So many elements of the day brought out their eclectic personalities from Sam’s beautiful and bountiful dress, to the record player filling the church lobby with their favorite music to the goldfish bowls at the reception.  It was a day full of big smiles, hearty laughter, joyful tears and happiness.

2013-03-21_0001 2013-03-21_0002

2013-03-21_0003 2013-03-21_0004 2013-03-21_0005 2013-03-21_0006 2013-03-21_0007 2013-03-21_0008 2013-03-21_0011 2013-03-21_0010 2013-03-21_0009

2013-03-21_0012 2013-03-21_0013 2013-03-21_0014 2013-03-21_0015

2013-03-21_0017 2013-03-21_0019

2013-03-21_0016Sam’s bridesmaids prayed over her marriage before she walked down the aisle to see Travis for the first time that day.  It was a beautiful moment.

2013-03-21_0018 2013-03-21_0021 2013-03-21_0023


His face says it all…2013-03-21_0020

2013-03-21_0024 2013-03-21_0025 2013-03-21_0026


Travis and Sam love the outdoors and the natural beauty that is God’s creation.  However, because this is Iowa, the scenery was somewhat wintery and lacking.  So we found an overflowing greenhouse to take their portraits in.  It was a wonderful time of quiet romance with a few moments for them to spend as blushing newlyweds fresh off the altar.  It was magical.2013-03-21_0027 2013-03-21_0029 2013-03-21_0028

2013-03-21_0032 2013-03-21_0033 2013-03-21_0034 2013-03-21_0035 2013-03-21_0036 2013-03-21_0037

2013-03-21_0039 2013-03-21_0040 2013-03-21_0041 2013-03-21_0042 2013-03-21_0043 2013-03-21_0038

Travis and Sam-  from my heart, I hope you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon in the tropics – be sure to relax and revel in your newlywed status! :)



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