Des Moines Botanical Portraits and Happy News!

Happy Thursday, friends!

With the chirping of the birds and the melting snow, we couldn’t be more ready for spring!  After photographing Ian & Missy and Travis & Sam, we met up at the Des Moines Botanical Center to photograph each other and believe us, this place is beautiful!  We were instantly transported from the windy, cold Iowa winter day to tropical lands and foreign forests all within a warm dome.  It was fantastic and to be honest, refreshing for our senses!

We are both excited to announce that we will soon have wonderfully designed and updated websites!  With stellar designers, Eva Black and Haleigh Steere working hard to create a unique online experience for our clients, we are like kids waiting for Christmas…it can’t come soon enough!  In celebration of our first weddings of the year and our upcoming new sites, we decided to capture some updated portraits to complement the new designs.  These images are just a hint of all the lovely that will come. :) Enjoy the images, we can’t wait for the exciting things to come!


Derek came along and enjoyed the warmth and green with us – so we had to capture a few of the two of them, of course! :)2013-03-28_00072013-03-28_00142013-03-28_00102013-03-28_00112013-03-28_0008

We realized that we need to get in front of the camera a little more often, because clearly, we’re silly and don’t know what to do once one is focused on us!2013-03-27_0011

Happy Spring! :)

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