Photography Inspiration in the Small Moments

Hello friends!  I hope you were blessed to spend time with family and friends and to celebrate the beauty and good news of Easter!
I’m going to start today’s post with a nice embarrassing image – little me as a bunny!  If that doesn’t start your day off with a smile, I don’t know what would. :)
2013-04-01_0002And now that you’ve seen the best of my chubby cheeks, I’m excited to be sharing a different kind of post with you this week.  My grandpa Yoder passed away a few years ago and my family recently had boxes of his images scanned from film to digital.  I’ve been really inspired by his images lately – I love that my grandpa photographed everyday moments.  I love to find the beauty in the everyday; the laughter of an afternoon with friends, the peacefulness of a walk by the river, and looking through Grandpa’s images, I see a world of adventures.  There are all sorts of adventures – everything from lunch with my Grandma to roadtrips across the country.

I didn’t live those moments, but because of his images, I feel them.  I hear the laughter.  I feel the cool breeze through the trees on an afternoon hike.  And this is one of the many reasons why photography is so beautiful.2013-04-01_00322013-04-01_0033
My beautiful Grandma:

Some images of their travels together:
(These make me want to hop in a vintage car and drive across America right now!)

And the man behind the camera:2013-04-01_0013

I dare you to find the beauty in the smallest of moments.
Stay lovely,



4 thoughts on “Photography Inspiration in the Small Moments

  1. Totally love the pics…and your thoughts about them. I had the privilege of using some of his old photography equipment to set up a dark room for black and white pics. Photography is in our blood. :-)

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