A weekend at the cabin | details in making a homey home

Good afternoon!
Today I’m going to let you peek into our weekend at the cabin!  Derek and I stayed with my beautiful cousin (and one of Valerie’s beautiful brides) and her husband at their homey cabin on Turtle Lake.  Their cabin isn’t big, but Jon and Chelsea are ridiculously welcoming, and their home is adorable and dressed to the nines in the best of rustic, vintage, and colorful details.

Here are some thoughts in making a space feel homey and welcoming.
1.  Good light.
Beautiful light can make a space more welcoming, more relaxing, more beautiful, more comfortable, just MORE. :) If you aren’t one of the lucky ones with great big windows that let light pour in, bring in lamps or strings of lights to help brighten your space.
2.  Personal favorites.
Make your space reflect you.  I love walking into someone’s home and seeing their personality – their hobbies, likes, and loves – reflected in their space.  Fill walls with images, paintings, quotes – whatever inspires you and makes you smile!  This especially applies to work spaces as you’ll want to create a pleasant space that gets the creative juices flowing!
3.  Color.
Dress your space in color.  Whether you bring in bold instances of color or small details, decorate your space with beautiful tones.  Speaking of, emerald is the Pantone color of the year!  Ahhh, I love it!
4.  Thrifted or vintage finds.
There are so many fun pieces to help accent your home that you can find out thrifting.  Find pieces that make you smile, evoke a memory, reflect your personality, or bring a fun twist to a practical piece.  There are so many benefits to finding great vintage pieces!  They’re always incredibly unique, and you can usually find a pretty great bargain. ;)
5.  Plant life.
You don’t need to have a green thumb to brighten your space with lovely green friends.  Most houseplants aren’t overly demanding; stick the pot in front of a window, be sure to give it a drink regularly, and you’ll have a happy plant. :) Really, you can do it!

A word from Chelsea on making a house a home:
“There are many things that inspire our home and the decor in it. I believe first and foremost it is our family, followed closely by my love for repurposing old stuff. Our home is decorated in vintagey, whimsical pieces that go together because we put them together.  Several pieces are family heirlooms, including pictures, furniture, and various pieces of decor that have been passed down and some others are from the same era, so they blend together.  I think it’s great when people ask you where they came from and there’s a story behind every piece.

Move things around, often.  Until there feels like there’s synergy in your home, keep moving items and trying a different format.  I cannot tell you how many times we’ve rearranged.  Just about every week I move a couple items just to freshen up the place.  On that same note, tuck some things away for a season and bring some other things out.  We just don’t have enough space to have all our decor out for display, so some of it remains in storage.  When the seasons change or I’m tired of looking at the same things, I’ll switch them out.  It gives a nice look to our home and gives me a good excuse to dust!
The most important part of decorating your home is to have a welcoming attitude towards all guests that enter your home. Without this, any beautifully decorated space will still lack lustre in the homey-ness department. We make sure your guests are our first priority, providing whatever they need, and allowing them to feel at home by relaxing with them instead of making sure everything is perfectly tidy. The dishes will still be there after the laughs and smiles of your guests have long passed, or maybe your guests will help you with them!”


We all shared a weekend of lots of good food, laughs, and productive wedding projects!  I’m super excited about my new wedding shoes – thank you Nordstrom Rack! and our boutonnieres are going to be fantastic…they’ll be created with itty bitty pinecones! :)

And now a few more images of our weekend up north – the yummy food, images of Derek (he’s such a trooper for letting me photograph him wherever we go!), and some fun polaroids!

Stay lovely,


2 thoughts on “A weekend at the cabin | details in making a homey home

  1. I really enjoy the photo of outdoor light near the end of the post. You also did a great job capturing the overall fun and relaxed feel of the weekend. Great job!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful documentation of our home. We’re pretty happy with it and your photos really reflected the charm we so enjoy. It was a great weekend. Come again soon!

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