Zach & Katie | A Sweet & Seasonal Ames Engagement

When Zach first saw Katie with one of their mutual friends, he knew there was something special about her.  After telling their friend that he thought she was cute, they were introduced and he began to patiently pursue her.  Katie’s kind and delicate countenance is complemented so well by the way Zach gently approaches her, as one who truly knows and loves everything about her.    It was a joy to witness them interact so beautifully.  I knew from the moment we met in the wee hours of the morning at a coffee shop that they were going to be a great couple to work with.  As we sipped our caffeinated beverages and chatted about their wedding, they impressed me with their desire to have a photographer with a vision similar to theirs.  I’m so thankful for their careful selection and am so glad we were a great fit!

2013-04-10_0001 2013-04-10_0003 2013-04-10_0002 2013-04-10_0004

2013-04-10_0005 2013-04-10_0006

2013-04-10_0007 2013-04-10_0008 2013-04-10_0009 2013-04-10_0010 2013-04-10_0011 2013-04-10_0012 2013-04-10_0013 2013-04-10_0014

Zach and Katie wanted to split their session up over some of the seasons, so we waited for one of those beautiful, calm snows to gallivant around in the flurries.  It was gorgeous and the lovely images made our frozen fingers more than worth it!

2013-04-10_0015 2013-04-10_0016 2013-04-10_0017 2013-04-10_0018 2013-04-10_0019 2013-04-10_0021 2013-04-10_0022 2013-04-10_0023

LOVE this one :)2013-04-10_0020

Can’t wait for the warmer weather and their wedding day!  Have a lovely weekend, friends!letterhead


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