Sam & Jenny | A Fun Eagle Point Park engagement

Good morning!
Today you’re lucky enough to meet Sam & Jenny!  Let me introduce this ridiculously fun couple – they’re both full of witty sarcasm, silly faces, and outbursts of laughter.  They made me feel like the greatest person alive; seriously, they laughed at some of my corniest jokes!  (Thanks guys!)
We met up for portraits at Eagle Point Park where we found a fun combination of nature and beautiful stone structures.  One of the stone buildings looks like a castle – how cool is that?!  So here they are.  Enjoy. :)
I’m not kidding when I say they’re goofballs!  Thankfully I am too, and we had an absolute blast together! :)
These portraits were taken before Sam and Jenny were engaged…but now they’re wrapped up in the whirlwind of wedding planning and will be tying the knot this upcoming October!  I am SO excited to celebrate their marriage!

Have a happy Tuesday and stay lovely!


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