James & Katie | A Sentimental Ames Elementary Engagement

Years ago, a 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Huston, was captured by the caring and sweet heart of a boy named James in her class.  Today, after the providential turns of life, she gets to call him her soon-to-be son-in-law.   James & Katie’s relationship bloomed years later amidst a mission trip in South Dakota and you can only imagine Mrs. Huston’s joy when she heard just who it was that her daughter was interested in.  Throughout their relationship, the two would walk from James’ childhood home just down the street to the very elementary school where James was taught by Katie’s mom.  Roosevelt elementary.  This school had a classic wooden playground that made for a great conversation point and was even the location of their first kiss. (Shhh, don’t tell their parents!) ;)



This is the exact spot of their first kiss! :) 2013-04-22_0003 2013-04-22_0004

2013-04-22_0005 2013-04-22_0006 2013-04-22_0008 2013-04-22_0007 2013-04-22_0009 2013-04-22_0010 2013-04-22_0012

During one of their many moments on the playground, they carved their initials in one of the trees and it still remains today, a mark of the many memories made there.  What a lovely memento.

2013-04-22_0011 2013-04-22_0013 2013-04-22_0015 2013-04-22_0014 2013-04-22_0016 2013-04-22_0017 2013-04-22_0018 2013-04-22_0020 2013-04-22_0019

2013-04-22_0021 2013-04-22_0022 2013-04-22_0023 2013-04-22_0024 2013-04-22_0025


James & Katie – what a beautiful story you have.  I hope these images will serve as a small reflection of the wonderful memories you share here.



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