A Lumberjack Shower

I really enjoy a good party.  I also really enjoy planning a good party.  What’s even better? A creative party planned perfectly for two people committing their lives to each other!  This is one of those parties.  It was a creative and wonderfully unique shower planned on a budget down to every last detail.  It was a couple’s shower where lumberjack attire was encouraged, whiskey was served, and a woodsy spread of savory treats was had. One of my favorite aspects was the relaxed atmosphere and the encouragement to throw your peanuts on the floor! It was like we were partying in the foyer at Texas Roadhouse!


2013-04-24_0001 2013-04-24_0002

Stationery Designer, Haleigh Steere, not only designed these incredible invites for this shower, but she hosted as well!  It was so fun to be a part of the planning process and to document the fun and the flannel!2013-04-24_0003 2013-04-24_0004 2013-04-24_0006

How adorable are these little flannel bags of peanuts for the guests to munch on before the party officially began? 2013-04-24_0007

One aspect that I’ve loved doing in showers is providing a prayer card to the guests with prayer requests specific to the loved ones being celebrated.  It’s a wonderful reminder of why we live in community and celebrate together!2013-04-24_0005 2013-04-24_0008 2013-04-24_0009 2013-04-24_0010 2013-04-24_0017 2013-04-24_0016 2013-04-24_0011 2013-04-24_0012 2013-04-24_0015 2013-04-24_0014 2013-04-24_0018 2013-04-24_0019

Yep, this guy showed up with some lumberjack saws as tall as the Bride!2013-04-24_0021 2013-04-24_0022 2013-04-24_0024 2013-04-24_0023

For all you Maids of Honor out there – hopefully this post inspired you to start thinking about how you want to plan such a personally perfect shower for your Bride! :)



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