Patrick & Makenna | One Frame

Water streaked across the large front window of the cafe.  I wrapped my cool fingers around a warm 20 oz cup of chai tea latte (my favorite), and listened to Patrick and Makenna describe their love for travel.  We had met up for coffee – to get more familiar with stories and passions, and I absolutely loved these two from the start.  They have incredible personalities with big dreams, and there’s something about them that makes you want to talk for hours!
We talked about our love for travel and new experiences, why big dogs have the best hearts, hilarious pet peeves, and best, I was able to hear about their love story.  Patrick and Makenna have been together for over six years, and their love is ridiculously adorable!  I feel so blessed to have spent the rainy afternoon laughing with the two of them, and I can’t wait to hear of their travels and see their dreams unfold.

I photographed Patrick and Makenna at the Mississippi Palisades State Park a week or so later, and man, I am EXCITED to show you the images that came out of our time together!  Ah-mazing! :) But for now, I’ll leave you with one frame…


Makenna will be guest blogging for us next week and talking about her experience on the other side of the camera – don’t miss it!

Have an incredible Tuesday and stay lovely!


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