Patrick & Makenna | Mississippi Palisades Portraits and a Word from the Other Side of the Camera

Last week I shared a double exposure from Patrick and Makenna’s outdoorsy portrait session and today I’m excited for you to hear about Makenna’s experience on the other side of the camera.  Makenna is a recent college graduate, an amazing writer, and she has a beautiful heart for serving others.  Oh, and her hair!!  Be ready to envy her gorgeous locks!
2013-05-06_00012013-05-06_0002Hello from in front of the camera today!
I am Makenna, half of Rachel’s recent photographed couple from the blog post “Patrick & Makenna: One Frame”, and guest blogger for the day!
First, I have to mention what a privilege it is to have been photographed by Rachel.  For the past couple of years I have admired her photography and design work.  I am continuously impressed with her creativity and professionalism.  With that being said, you can imagine how excited I was when Rachel asked me to collaborate and share my photo shoot experience with all of you!
Patrick (the other half) and I met Rachel to begin our photo shoot on a cool afternoon.  Rachel previously suggested our photo shoot reflect our personalities, and because we both love the outdoors, we decided to meet at the Mississippi Palisades State Park.

2013-05-06_0003We traveled to the highest point of the park until we stopped at our favorite location: the Pine Grove.  Greenery surrounded us, and the natural beauty was endless!  Although rain was in the area, and clouds covered us above, you can imagine that didn’t stop us.  And so we began!
At this point, I must mention that Patrick and I can be camera shy at times (even if our families beg to differ).  Rachel immediately made us feel comfortable and allowed us to be ourselves.  Her creativity and direction mixed our personalities and poses, and although sometimes shy, being in front of the camera became somewhat natural!
We scouted the best locations, playfully ran for the best lighting, and shared stories of adventures we have and hope to take.  The time flew by, and two hours later we realized we had captured so many memories!
All afternoon we had such a great time smiling and laughing.  I knew the images Rachel had captured would be priceless.  The entire time the excitement and anticipation of seeing those images was obvious.

2013-05-06_00042013-05-06_00052013-05-06_0006Upon seeing the images for the first time, I couldn’t contain my excitement!  Rachel managed to perfect and capture every moment.  You can imagine the smile on my face when I saw the images (like a child on Christmas kind of smile).  Rachel presented more than images, she captured Patrick and I being ourselves and sharing those special moments together, which is better than we could have imagined when anticipating the images that afternoon!
Thank you for allowing me to share our special moments courtesy of Rachel behind Ember Grove Photography.
Have a splendid day!
– Makenna



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