Taylor & Marcie | A Springtime Campus Engagement

It seems as though summer camps have  a spell over them cultivating young love and romance.  Many times these romances last but a few days, maybe a few weeks, but for Taylor & Marcie, it was just the beginning of their beautiful story.  These two worked together for several summers at Hidden Acres , where their love blossomed.  It was at this camp that their story began, where Marcie realized she was in love and it will be at this camp that they commit their lives to each other.  In the beginning of their relationship, Taylor and Marcie took a walk on the ISU campus, and while having their first DTR, they ended up at one of Marcie’s most commonly visited buildings; Lagomarcino Hall.  It was in this courtyard that we captured a bit of their love and a lot of their laughter.  Enjoy the lovely!
Taylor & Marcie_0002 Taylor & Marcie_0068 Taylor & Marcie_0018-2 Taylor & Marcie_0041 Taylor & Marcie_0070-2 Taylor & Marcie_0081 Taylor & Marcie_0061 Taylor & Marcie_0094 Taylor & Marcie_0099 Taylor & Marcie_0104.2 Taylor & Marcie_0112.2 Taylor & Marcie_0125 Taylor & Marcie_0118

Adorable!Taylor & Marcie_0135.2 Taylor & Marcie_0185 Taylor & Marcie_0189 Taylor & Marcie_0208

We ended the shoot with a little bit of daytime campaniling.  For any of you who aren’t familiar with this tradition – typically couples will kiss under the campanile when it strikes midnight.  This was actually their first kiss under the campanile, but I’m sure it won’t be their last. :)

Taylor & Marcie_0234 Taylor & Marcie_0226 Taylor & Marcie_0217

Taylor & Marcie – Thank you for sharing your story with me! Can’t wait for the wedding, just a little less than a month away! :)



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