Clarke Manor | My Dubuque Bridal Shower

Good morning and happy Tuesday!
My dear friend Christie hosted a beautiful bridal shower for me at Clarke Manor in Dubuque this past weekend.  Clarke Manor is a lovely bed and breakfast that sits happily on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi.  It’s an incredible old home with tons of amazing features and quirky details, and all of us ladies agreed that we would love to make it our home.  Sigh.  It was love at first sight. :)
The afternoon was full of so many of my favorite things (a lot of which happen to be foods!) – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mini fruit pies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles, peanut butter balls…and of course, the afternoon was full of fun games, laughter, and catching up with some good friends.  Valerie photographed the shower (isn’t she sweet?!) and I’m excited to have you peek into our little party in the manor on the hill.
How’s this for a pantry?  Gorgeous!
Val and I:
And all the ladies together (woohoo self timer!)
I am so blessed and grateful for all the astounding women God has placed in my life.  They’re all amazingly encouraging, ridiculously loving, and full of absolute silliness.  I had such a wonderful day and cannot wait to become a Mrs!  Eleven days and counting… :)

Stay lovely,


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