Kyle & Johanna | Iowa City Engagement

Meet Kyle & Johanna.  A perfectly paired couple who live in Iowa City and have so many memories and stories around the area.  It was so fun to explore around the city and hear the stories behind each location.  We started their session where Kyle grew up.  It was fun to hear about all the hard work his mom puts in to have a gorgeous garden area that make for a great spot for a little backyard stroll! :)

Kyle & Johanna_0004 Kyle & Johanna_0057 Kyle & Johanna_0029 Kyle & Johanna_0076 Kyle & Johanna_0034 Kyle & Johanna_0079 Kyle & Johanna_0085 Kyle & Johanna_0103

Kyle is also involved in a fun and crazy youth ministry called  Young Life, that meets at a really fun barn only a few minutes from his home.  He has spent a lot of hours and has a lot of great memories there, so it was another perfect setting for their images.! Kyle & Johanna_0165 Kyle & Johanna_0155 Kyle & Johanna_0178

I love the early spring buds on the tree!  :)Kyle & Johanna_0189 Kyle & Johanna_0197

This is the front porch of Johanna’s current home.  It’s a lovely older home with so much character and beauty!  It was on these steps that Kyle and Johanna had their first real and quality conversation.  Such a simple, yet wonderful memory.

Kyle & Johanna_0282 Kyle & Johanna_0305 Kyle & Johanna_0295 Kyle & Johanna_0276

There is a little bit of rooftop right outside Johanna’s bedroom window where the two have spent many nights talking and star-gazing, including the night Kyle asked Johanna to spend the rest of her life with him.  It was only right to capture them there.Kyle & Johanna_0231 Kyle & Johanna_0252

Finally, we explored around downtown Iowa City and stopped at some of their favorite spots, including Kyle’s favorite: a golden bull painted on a building wall – which is hilarious.  We ended the evening at the Old Capitol complete with the perfect sunset light.  There are a few shots that show a bit of their goofy side here too, which I love :)Kyle & Johanna_0353 Kyle & Johanna_0368 Kyle & Johanna_0393 Kyle & Johanna_0401 Kyle & Johanna_0429 Kyle & Johanna_0435 Kyle & Johanna_0456 Kyle & Johanna_0469

Kyle & Johanna – You two really are a perfect pair and I loved hearing all the bits and pieces of your story.  I’m excited to document this next big step when you say your vows right there in your lovely city!



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