Dan & Anna | A Fun-Filled Dubuque Engagement

Last weekend we had the joy of photographing an engagement session TOGETHER!  As we are friends and photography buddies who happen to live 3 hours apart, we don’t often get the privilege of working together for shorter sessions.  But this time, we did.  And truth be told, we wish it could be that kind of session every time.  The lovely couple we captured? Dan and Anna.  A fun-loving, laid-back pair who are so cuddly and adorable together, you can’t help but smile.  And smile we did, the whole time. :)  Dan and Anna were actually set up by Dan’s sister.  Now, typically, I think of a blind date as being an awkward dinner where someone is seated at a table holding a book with a rose in it waiting for the other to arrive.  This was not your typical blind date, although it may have been awkward. ;)  The two went fishing for their date and the next day?  Jetskiing on the river after a cafe lunch.  Seriously, these two are just so fun.

We started their session among the character and charm of downtown Dubuque.

We took a little ride on the famous 4th Street Elevator, which made for adorable moments and brought us to a gorgeous overlook… :)


Ok now, prepare yourself for these next ones…we ended the evening at a Springy budding apple orchard just outside of town and the light and the lovely was to die for.  In addition to the gorgeous portraits you’re about to experience, it also made for a great nerdy photographer moment like this. ;)2013-05-20_00182013-05-20_00192013-05-20_00202013-05-20_00212013-05-20_00232013-05-20_00222013-05-20_00252013-05-20_00242013-05-20_0026Congratulations you two!  :)

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