Adam & Kjirsten | A Rainy Day Ames Engagement

Well hello there friends! Rachel and I took this last week off from blogging because SHE GOT MARRIED!!! and I needed a little break as well.  She is currently honeymooning her heart out in Wisconsin with her now husband, Derek, and they seem to be having a lovely ole time.  If you haven’t followed her on Instagram – be sure to!  She has been posting some adorable images from their time on the lake.  You can find us on social media through the icons on the right! :) You may or may not get sneak peeks of our different sessions that only Instagram followers see! ;)

For today, I have yet another beautiful couple to share with you! Adam and Kjirsten.  These two are so fun and just so “go with the flow!”  We shot these first images while the clouds didn’t look too ominous and the sun was still out.  Then, minutes later it was pouring (oddly appropriate for today)!  But that didn’t stop us!  We got some really lovely rainy images and when the rain stopped, the greens of the grass and trees were even greener and wonderfully vibrant!

Adam & Kjirsten_004

Adam & Kjirsten_005 Adam & Kjirsten_003 Adam & Kjirsten_010 Adam & Kjirsten_011 Adam & Kjirsten_019 Adam & Kjirsten_022

Ahh, I love this! So romantic! :)Adam & Kjirsten_024 Adam & Kjirsten_034 Adam & Kjirsten_035 Adam & Kjirsten_038

Adam & Kjirsten_044

Stunning.Adam & Kjirsten_040

Adam & Kjirsten_063

That ring!!!!Adam & Kjirsten_072 Adam & Kjirsten_065 Adam & Kjirsten_070 Adam & Kjirsten_074 Adam & Kjirsten_080 Adam & Kjirsten_084 Adam & Kjirsten_086

And this is where Adam asked Kjirsten to spend the rest of their lives together.  Under the campanile, a classic.Adam & Kjirsten_091

To end the evening, we captured a bit of what matters most, the glue that holds their love together; their relationship with God.Adam & Kjirsten_116

Adam & KJ – Less than a month left to go! So excited for your marriage and the beautiful days ahead.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part. :)



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