Alex & Lindsay | A Galena Destination Wedding

It has seemed to be a pattern lately that several of my couples’ stories began with a blind date! (Dan and Anna were set up too!)  It’s been so fun to hear how each of these blind dates unfolded in their own way, but each have led to a perfect match and plans for marriage. :)  For Alex and Lindsay, unlike most, there wasn’t an ounce of awkward in their blind date.  As Lindsay recounted the memory, she said it just felt “natural.”  And the rest is history! :)

Alex and Lindsay had a destination wedding in the lovely little touristy town of Galena, IL.  Although it poured for most of the day, they still had a beautiful day surrounded by the ones they love most, and I couldn’t be happier for them.  :)

Alex & Lindsay_003

Alex & Lindsay_004 Alex & Lindsay_008 Alex & Lindsay_010 Alex & Lindsay_012 Alex & Lindsay_015 Alex & Lindsay_020 Alex & Lindsay_018 Alex & Lindsay_021 Alex & Lindsay_025 Alex & Lindsay_034 Alex & Lindsay_028 Alex & Lindsay_027 Alex & Lindsay_032 Alex & Lindsay_040 Alex & Lindsay_042 Alex & Lindsay_045 Alex & Lindsay_047 Alex & Lindsay_048 Alex & Lindsay_053 Alex & Lindsay_060 Alex & Lindsay_064 Alex & Lindsay_067 Alex & Lindsay_071 Alex & Lindsay_081 Alex & Lindsay_082 Alex & Lindsay_093 Alex & Lindsay_102 Alex & Lindsay_111 Alex & Lindsay_114 Alex & Lindsay_126

I love this shot of Lindsay with her grandparents.  She wanted to have a shot that showed the detail of how their hands looked that day, which makes for a beautiful memory and keepsake! :)

Alex & Lindsay_079 Alex & Lindsay_179 Alex & Lindsay_178 Alex & Lindsay_191 Alex & Lindsay_167 Alex & Lindsay_172 Alex & Lindsay_169 Alex & Lindsay_159 Alex & Lindsay_203 Alex & Lindsay_202 Alex & Lindsay_211 Alex & Lindsay_214 Alex & Lindsay_188

Congrats, you two!  Lindsay, you made a beautiful bride and Alex is a lucky man! Here’s to many wonderful years! :)



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