Steve & Melissa | A Dubuque Mines of Spain Engagement

Good morning!!  I hope y’all are enjoying the summer sunshine!  Derek and I are starting to figure out our newlywed routine – he works 7-3:30 every day and I work here, there, and everywhere!  I so love working from home, but it takes a lot of discipline.  Thankfully it provides a fair amount of freedom as well…for example, I’m writing this post OUTSIDE!  It’s a gorgeous day and I’m soaking in the rays. :)

Today you’re in for a treat!  You’re going to get a peek into the beauty that was Steve and Melissa’s engagement.  These two have such sweet, genuine hearts, and I loved exploring the Mines of Spain with them!  Derek and I visit the Mines of Spain often and it’s a new adventure every time.  The adventure with Steve and Melissa was full of laughter, eskimo kisses, and yes–even a bit of ‘frolicking’ through the open fields!  It was a blast and I hope you enjoy their images!
Thanks for stopping by, now go enjoy the sunshiney day! :)

Stay lovely,


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