Jordan & Bree | A Twinkle-Lit Ames Proposal

Oh, do I have a sweet treat for you all today!  Last night as dusk settled into a breezy dark, Jordan took Bree for an evening walk.  As they held hands and strolled a usual path, the fireflies danced around them, almost as if in preparation for the beautiful moment about to unfold.  It really was perfect. :) As they approached the path that would light as soon as they arrived, Jordan diverted Bree’s attention to the fireflies and they chased after them while he waited for the perfect light.  Then, finally, heart racing, Jordan took Bree by the hand and led her toward the gazebo.  A path of lights lit their way and as they stepped into the gazebo, an array of lights surrounded them.  Her eyes lit up with excitement as her best friend got down on his knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.  Jordan's Proposal_0009-2

Jordan's Proposal_0080 Jordan's Proposal_0082 Jordan's Proposal_0089 Jordan's Proposal_0098 Jordan's Proposal_0099

Jordan's Proposal_0171 Jordan's Proposal_0110 Jordan's Proposal_0136 Jordan's Proposal_0144

Jordan's Proposal_0093 Jordan's Proposal_0172 Jordan's Proposal_0193

Congratulations you two! Loved being there to witness such a joyful and beautiful thing! :)



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