Taylor & Marcie | A Summer Camp Wedding

Happy Thursday, friends, Friday is almost here! :)  It has been quite the adventure these past few weeks in the Duvick home with some unfortunate vehicle and computer repairs.  However, there have also been some really wonderful experiences lately including a girls weekend with dear old friends, an engagement session in a canoe under a Willow tree, and the wedding of a dear friend in the beautiful state of Minnesota!  It has been busy, but really wonderful all at the same time! :)

Earlier this month, I had the joy of photographing Taylor & Marcie’s wedding day!  We were blessed with a calm and quiet morning for portraits where the rain held off until the ceremony!  Taylor and Marcie are just a beautiful couple, inside and out and the way joy exudes from them is just inspiring.  So many smiles, and such wonderful laughter. :)  If you saw their engagement session, you know that their story started on these very camp grounds, at Hidden Acres.  After working together at camp, falling in love and making plans to wed, they came back to where it all began to say their vows and to start their new life together as husband and wife.

Taylor & Marcie_0003   Taylor & Marcie_0014 Taylor & Marcie_0028-2 Taylor & Marcie_0058 Taylor & Marcie_0045 Taylor & Marcie_0040 Taylor & Marcie_0067 Taylor & Marcie_0073 Taylor & Marcie_0077 Taylor & Marcie_0086 Taylor & Marcie_0087 Taylor & Marcie_0102 Taylor & Marcie_0143 Taylor & Marcie_0145 Taylor & Marcie_0163 Taylor & Marcie_0159 Taylor & Marcie_0172 Taylor & Marcie_0170 Taylor & Marcie_AH_0112 Taylor & Marcie_AH_0145 Taylor & Marcie_0189 Taylor & Marcie_0198

Taylor & Marcie_0473.2 Taylor & Marcie_0539.2

Taylor & Marcie_AH_0353.2 Taylor & Marcie_0621.2 Taylor & Marcie_0673.2 Taylor & Marcie_0684.2 Taylor & Marcie_0711.2

Taylor & Marcie_AH_0168 Taylor & Marcie_0361 Taylor & Marcie_0319 Taylor & Marcie_0293 Taylor & Marcie_0264 Taylor & Marcie_0272

Taylor & Marcie_0202 Taylor & Marcie_0216

Taylor and Marcie – What a beautiful day you had, thank you for including me!  I hope you’re enjoying your new home as a Mr. and Mrs.! :)



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