Our Honeymoon in Instagrams | Door County, Wisconsin

Gooood afternoon!
Derek and I have been married for over a month!  Wowzee!  It certainly doesn’t feel like that, but life has exploded since our return from Door County.  Summer is captivatingly beautiful and full of love stories, coffee dates with old friends and new… and a lot of pajama time.  Slightly embarrassing, but how great is it that I can edit and answer emails in my pajamas?!  And no, I promise I will not show up in my cat pajamas to our session together! ;)

I am starting to really love the instagram community; I love that I can load up the page and be inspired by incredible images, stories, and really really delicious looking food! :) It’s pretty great.  If you’re a ‘grammer (definitely just made that term up!), hop on and connect with Val and me (hellorachellouise)!
Here’s a peek into our honeymoon to Wisconsin through Instagram:


I had to include my triumphant mini-golf image because I think that’s the one and only time I will ever beat Derek on the putt-putt course!  I’m still suspicious that he only let me win because I was his newlywed wife…

Have a beautiful Monday!
Stay lovely,


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