Seth & Rachel | A Willow on the Lake Hickory Grove Engagement

Happy (almost) Independence Day everyone!  I hope you all have the same beautiful weather that we have forecasted for the fourth as you enjoy your grill outs, friends, family and patriotic attire!  Mark and I are so looking forward to having the day off to ourselves with no plans!  Iowa has had some beautiful weather the past few days and I especially can’t wait to have the day open to whatever we decide to do… or not do! :)

Speaking of  beautiful Iowa, I recently got to spend one of those perfectly calm evenings on a lake with a couple that makes me smile.  I had the privilege of meeting Seth and Rachel my freshman year of college and even got to live on the same dorm floor as Rachel for a year.  Rachel is such a godly and joyful woman who is an encouragement to be around and Seth really is her perfect complement.  These two were high school sweethearts and although they’ve been together for years, the excitement and beauty of their relationship is still very alive and thriving!  They love the outdoors and often come to Hickory Grove to canoe together.  Through their explorations of the area, they came across one of Rachel’s favorites, a willow tree.  :)  It only felt right to return again to this lovely location to capture their relationship in its true element.  And what a lovely time it was! Enjoy :)

Seth & Rachel_001 Seth & Rachel_007 Seth & Rachel_010 Seth & Rachel_012 Seth & Rachel_017 Seth & Rachel_020 Seth & Rachel_025 Seth & Rachel_026 Seth & Rachel_033 Seth & Rachel_039

Seth & Rachel_042 Seth & Rachel_047 Seth & Rachel_053 Seth & Rachel_055 Seth & Rachel_062 Seth & Rachel_064 Seth & Rachel_066 Seth & Rachel_067 Seth & Rachel_072 Seth & Rachel_076 Seth & Rachel_084 Seth & Rachel_090

Seth & Rachel_082 Seth & Rachel_094 Seth & Rachel_097 Seth & Rachel_103 Seth & Rachel_104 Seth & Rachel_106 Seth & Rachel_107 Seth & Rachel_108 Seth & Rachel_114 Seth & Rachel_118

When Seth proposed, he had made a series of boxes with notes leading up to the moment he asked the big question.  This is one of Seth & Rachel_125 those boxes.  Isn’t he a great craftsman? :) Seth & Rachel_132 Seth & Rachel_134 Seth & Rachel_136 Seth & Rachel_137 Seth & Rachel_144 Seth & Rachel_145 Seth & Rachel_149 Seth & Rachel_151 Seth & Rachel_154

The sun was setting as we canoed back to the dock and made for the perfect end to the evening!  Congratulations you two, so looking forward to the wedding in August! :)



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