Loving the Life of an Aunt

I am the youngest of four children in my family, endearingly known as “the baby” … well, my brothers had different names for me, but we’ll just stick with that one. ;)  I have three older brothers (yes, you can feel bad for my childhood full of headless Barbies and scratched-up knees), all of which have married gorgeous women and have created incredibly adorable children.  Like, seriously adorable…I’m not sure how they all received the best of the “looks genes.”  I’ll be honest, I’m just praying that when Mark and I have kids, they’ll measure up to the cuteness! ;)  When I married into the Duvick family, I gained another niece, who is also a beauty and I couldn’t be more blessed!  I am absolutely smitten by my nieces and nephews and wish I could spend so much more time with them!  Whenever I get the chance, I try to capture their growing and changing personalities and love every bit of it!  All of them (I’m not just being nice, this is the truth) have the sweetest little hearts and I am so proud to call them family.  So, today, I want to share these little loves with all of you.

First up, we have Thomas and Kathryn’s kids, Tommy and Taylor.  Two blonde beauties who love each other, and also love to bother each other…as brother and sister should. ;)   Common themes in this household include lots of giggles, Thomas the Tank Engine and riding bikes….as much as possible.

Tommy & Taylor_0024 Tommy & Taylor_0031 Tommy & Taylor_0040 Tommy & Taylor_0131 Tommy & Taylor_0122

Next up are Russell and Sami’s daughters, Tessa and Joby.  More blonde cuteness with a really sweet sister relationship.  These two will often be found making and writing music while dancing as princesses.  There is also another little babe due in December and we can’t wait to meet the newest member to the Allen family.

Florida Allens 2012_0061

Florida Allens 2012_0371 Florida Allens 2012_0359 Florida Allens 2012_0174 Florida Allens 2012_0159

And this little bundle of joy is Jameson and Allison’s son, Jaxon.  At 8 months, he has grown and changed so much, but it is so clear how much he loves his mommy and daddy!  He is instantly mesmerized by Jameson playing his guitar and very early on loved to follow Allison’s voice around the room with his eyes.

Jaxon Jameson_0004 Chicago Allens 2013_15 Jax's Dedication_0236

I also really love being an Aunt to Jax with this girl, Joy, my childhood friend and Allison’s sister! :)

Jax's Dedication_0128

Jax's Dedication_0345 Jax's Dedication_0328

And last, but most definitely not least, we have Mark’s brother, Luke’s daughter, Mya.  This curly-top is all girl.  She loves to twirl and sing and pick flowers!  She’s an absolute doll!


It’s so fun to see Mark as an uncle.  He will definitely make a great Dad someday. :)Mya_14 Mya_33 Mya_28 Mya_58 Mya_64


I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my lovely growing family! I feel so blessed. :)



4 thoughts on “Loving the Life of an Aunt

  1. Valerie, your photos are AMAZING!!! You captured each child so beautifully. I am so glad that you are sharing your talent with the world. Thanks for giving a little insight into each family too. It is so wonderful to see so much love shared in a family.

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