Adam & Kjirsten | A Woods Chapel Minnesota Wedding

As a photographer passionate about my work, there’s nothing quite like photographing people I love.  It’s so exciting and so fulfilling to be close-by to a friend on her wedding day observing and capturing the details of the day, witnessing the first endearing glances she and her groom share and experiencing so much joy as a result of the love I feel so privileged to witness.  Kjirsten was a part of a Discipleship Group I led through Salt Company and over the past year, I got to know her heart and watch her grow as she prepared to become a wife to Adam and it was beautiful.  As if photographing friends wasn’t blessing enough, the bridal party, family and guests were all so joyful, helpful and truly a blessing to be around.  Now, if you all remember their engagement session, you know it rained! Well, it was only right that we experience a little downpour on their wedding day, and that we did.  Just minutes after the reception began it began to look like a monsoon outside.  It was crazy, really, and took out the power!  But Adam & Kjirsten, being the laid-back pair that they are, didn’t let it ruin their evening.  They danced, they laughed, they had cake and when it was all said and done, they were married. :)

The cherry on top of this day was that Rachel and I got to shoot together! Phew, what a day… :)

We started the day with the men in true Adam-fashion.  Adam is a personal trainer and so all the guys woke up early and went to get a workout in before the festivities began.  It was just so fun and so Adam. :)

Adam & Kjirsten_004 Adam & Kjirsten_010 Adam & Kjirsten_002 Adam & Kjirsten_031 Adam & Kjirsten_032 Adam & Kjirsten_054 Adam & Kjirsten_058 Adam & Kjirsten_048 Adam & Kjirsten_047 Adam & Kjirsten_063 Adam & Kjirsten_080 Adam & Kjirsten_078 Adam & Kjirsten_082 Adam & Kjirsten_087 Adam & Kjirsten_089 Adam & Kjirsten_097 Adam & Kjirsten_099 Adam & Kjirsten_103 Adam & Kjirsten_110

Isn’t she gorgeous?! :)Adam & Kjirsten_113 Adam & Kjirsten_120

Adam & Kjirsten_124 Adam & Kjirsten_129

Lookin’ Good, Adam!Adam & Kjirsten_127 Adam & Kjirsten_134 Adam & Kjirsten_131

Adam & Kjirsten_121 Adam & Kjirsten_144 Adam & Kjirsten_147 Adam & Kjirsten_152 Adam & Kjirsten_161 Adam & Kjirsten_162 Adam & Kjirsten_165 Adam & Kjirsten_170

What a beautiful moment.Adam & Kjirsten_174 Adam & Kjirsten_182 Adam & Kjirsten_193 Adam & Kjirsten_197 Adam & Kjirsten_201 Adam & Kjirsten_214 Adam & Kjirsten_210 Adam & Kjirsten_212 Adam & Kjirsten_220 Adam & Kjirsten_223 Adam & Kjirsten_226 Adam & Kjirsten_228 Adam & Kjirsten_217 Adam & Kjirsten_236 Adam & Kjirsten_242 Adam & Kjirsten_247 Adam & Kjirsten_251 Adam & Kjirsten_253 Adam & Kjirsten_258 Adam & Kjirsten_259 Adam & Kjirsten_265 Adam & Kjirsten_266 Adam & Kjirsten_272 Adam & Kjirsten_282

Adam & Kjirsten_291 Adam & Kjirsten_315 Adam & Kjirsten_286 Adam & Kjirsten_367 Adam & Kjirsten_371 Adam & Kjirsten_390 Adam & Kjirsten_405 Adam & Kjirsten_414 Adam & Kjirsten_425 Adam & Kjirsten_426 Adam & Kjirsten_440 Adam & Kjirsten_436 Adam & Kjirsten_453 Adam & Kjirsten_445 Adam & Kjirsten_459 Adam & Kjirsten_465 Adam & Kjirsten_469

I love this – MARRIED! :)

Adam & Kjirsten_481 Adam & Kjirsten_500 Adam & Kjirsten_473 Adam & Kjirsten_479

Adam & Kjirsten_527 Adam & Kjirsten_526 Adam & Kjirsten_529 Adam & Kjirsten_501 Adam & Kjirsten_547 Adam & Kjirsten_544 Adam & Kjirsten_606 Adam & Kjirsten_598 Adam & Kjirsten_614 Adam & Kjirsten_622 Adam & Kjirsten_619

To my dear friends – from the bottom of my heart, thank you for including me in this beautiful beginning to the rest of your life together.  :)



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