Elizabeth | Mississippi River Portraits

Good morning friends!  I hope your weekend was full of sunshine and that beautiful memories were made!  Today I’m excited to introduce you to some of my kin – and my maid of honor!, the ever-lovely, always joyful Elizabeth.  Derek, Samson (my parents’ dog), and I traveled down the Mississippi to Clinton earlier this month.  We went mostly for the hamburgers, homemade ice cream, and amazing chocolate cake, but were also really blessed by time with family. ;)
After a huge piece of cake, we decided to venture to the river with Elizabeth for some warm summery portraits.  Derek and Samson went on their own adventures while E and I explored the banks of the good ‘ole Mississippi.
We found a huge gooseberry tree along the river and so we (obviously) had to stop for a snack. :)
I feel like I can still feel the soft wind coming off the river.  It felt so good and kept us smiling in the gorgeous (but hot!!) July sunshine.
Isn’t she stunning??
I am so very encouraged and loved by E and I love every small adventure we embark on together!  Also ridiculously excited to see her again soon – she’s directing a Godspell production in Maple Grove, MN starting this week.  If you’re around the area, be sure to check it out!!

And…partially because Val and my faces hardly show up on the blog and partially because I’m proud that I managed to look semi-decent despite A LOT of sweat that afternoon, here I am! :)
Stay lovely and have an outstanding Monday!


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