Kyle & Andrea | A High School Sweethearts’ Engagement

Good morning and happy Friday!  Such a wonderful day, isn’t it?  I remember so many wonderful Friday nights in high school, especially in the fall.  The air was often cool and crisp (which seems so foreign after this week’s hot and sticky weather!), and the little towns around West Dubuque High School came alive with students and families prepping for the big game that night.  I remember hiking up the hill to the field so many times – my hair tied up with a red and black ribbon and proudly sporting a Deutmeyer jersey… ;) Derek and I certainly weren’t the only highschool sweethearts meant to last, and today I’m excited to introduce you to Kyle, Andrea, and the best school around, WDHS.
I have so many hilarious memories I could share about Kyle and Andrea…like the time that Andrea and I went to guitar camp in Maryville, Tennessee, the many softball games we played in together, or the birthday parties and adventures around Farley.  Or I could tell you about the absolute goofball that Kyle was in high school and the time he bit me during a band concert.  OR I could tell you that Kyle and Andrea are perfect for each other.  Kyle loves and cherishes Andrea and she brings such a huge grin to his face.  Needless to say, I’m super dooper excited to photograph their wedding in May!
Now back to K & A…

Enjoy the weekend and stay lovely!


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