Travis & Melanie | A Rainy Day Dubuque Arboretum Wedding

Travis and Melanie rock!  The skies were dark and rain poured down for the hour before their wedding ceremony, but they didn’t let it take away from the beauty of the day.  Not one bit.  And as they said their vows and exchanged rings, the clouds started to clear and the sun poured down, ahhh it was such a beautiful sight to see!  We wandered through the always-gorgeous Dubuque Arboretum and whoa, these two are wonderful!  They were relaxed, full of joy, and completely in love – the two of them made my job easy! ;)
It was an incredible wedding; one that made me step back with an extreme appreciation of the absolute honor it is to be a wedding photographer.  Travis and Melanie, thank you for inviting me to share in the beauty of your wedding day!  I wish you the absolute best! :)
Stay lovely,




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