Maggie | An Adventurous Dubuque Senior Session

Hello friends!
Today I get to brag about Maggie and how our session together was an absolute blast! :)  There were multiple moments during the shoot that I’d stop to do a little happy dance, or squeal after pressing the shutter down – the light was incredibly beautiful, all our locations were great, Maggie looked stellar, and man, do the images prove it!  I did my best to compress the blog post…if I’d included ALL my favorites you would be scrolling for miles!  Anyway, enough of my schmoozing – let me introduce you to Maggie!  She’s quirky, fun, and she definitely put my goofy happy dances to shame with her amazing talents. :) Enjoy a peek into our session together! :)
Maggie’s good friend Emily came with us for part of the shoot – she helped perfect Maggie’s hair and was so sweet as to give her a hand across the rocks.  Awww, now that’s friendship! :)

These portraits make me want summer to last forever!  Maggie, thanks for having me create your senior images!
Stay lovely,


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