Tyler & Alex | A Reminiscent First Anniversary

Happy Friday y’all!  Today is the day that Taylor and Ashley tie the knot and Rachel and I are having such a great time documenting the story of their day! While we’re happily busy creating images, we wanted you all to enjoy a little sweetness of love today as well!  So we bring to you an adorable married couple celebrating their one year anniversary.

Tyler and Alex were not only high school sweethearts, but middle school sweethearts too!  It’s not every day you meet a couple whose relationship started in the midst of the ever-changing, awkward and moody stages of life, but that’s where their story began. :)  There was something about each other that they were attracted to early on and their relationship and admiration of each other only grew over time.  On Sunday, these two will celebrate their first full year of marriage and it is such a sweet thing!

We started their anniversary portraits at their usual cafe where they visit often for these delicious smoothies.  Alex loves to mix her strawberry and banana, while Tyler claims that the banana ruins it.  It’s a light-hearted disagreement that brings playful laughter.  It’s possible that on any given date night you would find these two sitting in a booth, sipping their smoothies and laughing together as they exchange goofy glances.

After enjoying the sweet smoothies, we headed to one of their favorite parks to explore, Moore Memorial Park, where Tyler and Alex spent some time reminiscing the years of their relationship with letters, photos and giggles of how much they’ve changed.

Happy Anniversary you two! :)


Tyler & Alex_003 Tyler & Alex_005 Tyler & Alex_007 Tyler & Alex_011 Tyler & Alex_012

Tyler & Alex_001 Tyler & Alex_018

Tyler & Alex_021 Tyler & Alex_023 Tyler & Alex_028 Tyler & Alex_033 Tyler & Alex_035 Tyler & Alex_044 Tyler & Alex_050 Tyler & Alex_051 Tyler & Alex_057 Tyler & Alex_059 Tyler & Alex_065 Tyler & Alex_071 Tyler & Alex_074 Tyler & Alex_085 Tyler & Alex_086 Tyler & Alex_092 Tyler & Alex_094 Tyler & Alex_098 Tyler & Alex_102 Tyler & Alex_103 Tyler & Alex_105 Tyler & Alex_109 Tyler & Alex_110 Tyler & Alex_121 Tyler & Alex_126 Tyler & Alex_127 Tyler & Alex_132 Tyler & Alex_140 Tyler & Alex_154 Tyler & Alex_156 Tyler & Alex_161 Tyler & Alex_173 Tyler & Alex_176


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