Mark & Valerie | Our Double Date, Downtown, and Swiss Valley Portraits

Happy Monday!
Today I’m bringing you a brilliant start to the week.  The Deutmeyers (Derek and I) and the Duvicks (Mark and Valerie) got together for an epic double date this past weekend – Val brightly named it the quadruple D!  To sum up the day, we met for lunch downtown, ventured around for some portraits, refreshed from the heat with ice cream and popcorn, played a round of mini-golf, wandered through Swiss Valley Nature Center, had a hilarious encounter with some horses, and ended the night with a late dinner together.  It was all grand. :) Valerie and I kicked butt in mini-golf, and she squeezed by for the win two putts ahead.  I did have a victorious hole-in-one, so I took second place gladly. :)

Photographing these two was a blast – they’re in love for life, and seriously, they’re both just really really good looking!  We have some attractive friends, people. ;) The beauty doesn’t stop at the skin though; Mark and Val both have beautiful hearts for the people around them.

Even though the colors around us were insanely spectacular, I’ve been wanting to do an all black and white post for quite a while, and Mark and Val’s images fit the bill.  Enjoy :)

These two are darling and D and I had an incredible time meandering around Dubuque with them.  A putt-putt rematch is most definitely in order – if only to give the boys a chance to step up their game!  And now a few images of our new friends to close out the post…
Stay lovely!


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