Derek & Rachel | Our Double Date, Downtown and Swiss Valley Portraits Part II

If you haven’t already seen Part I of our double date extravaganza, featuring yours truly, you should go have a looksie!  There’s a lot of laughter and love in there. :) My husband is quite hilarious and has a knack for making me wrinkle my nose in giggles which makes for some fun images.

But enough about me, let’s get to the Deutmeyers! ;)  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these two several times now and each time is such a joy.  This time around was especially fun because they are newly married and just so adorably in love.  The way Rachel looks up into Derek’s eyes and the way he watches her giggle and move is like a breath-taking dance.

Quadruple D Day_0037 Quadruple D Day_0062 Quadruple D Day_0072 Quadruple D Day_0007 Quadruple D Day_0171 Quadruple D Day_0191 Quadruple D Day_0136 Quadruple D Day_0180

And here the boys are, having some deep theological conversation… :)

Quadruple D Day_0175

Quadruple D Day_0206 Quadruple D Day_0216 Quadruple D Day_0221 Quadruple D Day_0220Derek actually works here at Swiss Valley and has some pretty impressive knowledge of the different plant types around!

Quadruple D Day_0223 Quadruple D Day_0241 Quadruple D Day_0261 Quadruple D Day_0275

I love this progression of images where Derek picks Rachel a flower – her reaction is too cute. :)

Quadruple D Day_0282 Quadruple D Day_0292 Quadruple D Day_0307 Quadruple D Day_0298 Quadruple D Day_0310 Quadruple D Day_0321 Quadruple D Day_0336

This is when an airplane flew overhead…it’s the little things in life… :)Quadruple D Day_0345 Quadruple D Day_0355 Quadruple D Day_0365 Quadruple D Day_0372 Quadruple D Day_0376

And now a few images of the four-legged friends we made on our adventures. :)

Quadruple D Day_0377 Quadruple D Day_0419 Quadruple D Day_0434 Quadruple D Day_0428These horses had such personality, it was hilarious!

Quadruple D Day_0447 Quadruple D Day_0449

This guy apparently needed to scratch an itch…haha!

Quadruple D Day_0478Quadruple D Day_0469 Quadruple D Day_0467

And with that, I will bid you adieu!  Until next time! :)



One thought on “Derek & Rachel | Our Double Date, Downtown and Swiss Valley Portraits Part II

  1. Valerie, these photos are wonderful! From seeing yours and Rachel’s photos, it looks like the 4 of you had a wonderful day!
    Rachel, you are beautiful! :)

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