A Note of Encouragement to the Beautiful Bride

Hello dearies!

Today I was going to compose a Lens Perspective post, diving into the ever-exciting world of weddings again and discussing the wisdom of hiring a wedding photographer that you trust.  A photographer that you can relax with, share your dreams and aspirations with, laugh with…a photographer that you would consider a friend.  Oh, it would be a lovely post, and it will most likely come down the road sometime.  But instead, I want to share a note of encouragement today.

To the beautiful bride to be:
Planning a wedding is craziness.  Yes, it can be a fun and crafty whirlwind of prepping for the most beautiful flowers, adorable cake toppers, darling signs, pretty paper, and the best food.  But it can also be a draining and overwhelming venture, especially if you’re taking on the plans alone.  Seriously – planning a party for 250+ guests can be absolute madness, especially when you’re striving to make your celebration a picturesque and memorable beauty.
So today, I want to encourage you all to be present in this very moment and to cherish the beauty that surrounds you.  Step AWAY from the wedding plans, take a deep breath, seek out the beauty around you, and find strength and encouragement in relationships.  Go on a date with your fiance, enjoy a sweet drink with a friend (go for the chai!), sketch out your dreams, giggle over a memory, and just be.  While the wedding will be one of the most wonderful celebrations of your life, there are incredible life moments to be enjoyed during and after wedding planning.  Take a moment to love on those around you and to thrive in the now; I promise it will be worth it.

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

Stay lovely,
_MG_8649Image thanks to Shannon Lee Miller Photography


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