Taylor & Ashley | An Inspiring Celebration Farm Wedding

There are those people in everyone’s life who, without even trying, inspire and challenge those around them.  For many, Taylor and Ashley are those people.  They love God and they love people in a way that is radiant and infectious.  Recently, I was able to hear Ashley give a maid-of-honor speech at another wedding and I can almost guarantee that every woman in that room was inspired to deepen and grow their friendships.  From day one, Taylor has been incredibly respectful of Ashley and has lead their relationship with God at the center.  Their commitment to Christ and purity was beautiful and challenging.

All of the wonderful details of their relationship played out like a beautiful symphony on their wedding day as the joy, commitment and love exuded through their every moment.  Every detail was personal and carefully planned to provide their guests with a meaningful, beautiful and enjoyable experience!  I was so blessed to document their day and I’m beyond excited to finally share it with you!

Taylor and Ashley decided to start their wedding day with time in the Word and prayer.  Similar to their engagement session, what a beautiful testament it is to what matters most!

Taylor & Ashley_001 Taylor & Ashley_009 Taylor & Ashley_015 Taylor & Ashley_021 Taylor & Ashley_026 Taylor & Ashley_035 Taylor & Ashley_056Easily one of the most unique bouquets I’ve ever seen!

Taylor & Ashley_078 Taylor & Ashley_080 Taylor & Ashley_064 Taylor & Ashley_073 Taylor & Ashley_097 Taylor & Ashley_100 Taylor & Ashley_103 Taylor & Ashley_114 Taylor & Ashley_116 Taylor & Ashley_117 Taylor & Ashley_121 Taylor & Ashley_127 Taylor & Ashley_132 Taylor & Ashley_143 Taylor & Ashley_148 Taylor & Ashley_159 Taylor & Ashley_161 Taylor & Ashley_165 Taylor & Ashley_168 Taylor & Ashley_173 Taylor & Ashley_182 Taylor & Ashley_186 Taylor & Ashley_193 Taylor & Ashley_195 Taylor & Ashley_202 Taylor & Ashley_213 Taylor & Ashley_216 Taylor & Ashley_220 Taylor & Ashley_227 Taylor & Ashley_228 Taylor & Ashley_230 Taylor & Ashley_233 Taylor & Ashley_235 Taylor & Ashley_238 Taylor & Ashley_244

What a good lookin’ group! :)Taylor & Ashley_297 Taylor & Ashley_304 Taylor & Ashley_305 Taylor & Ashley_314 Taylor & Ashley_359 Taylor & Ashley_362 Taylor & Ashley_371

Ashley, you are just beyond gorgeous.Taylor & Ashley_377 Taylor & Ashley_380

Lookin’ good yourself, Mr. Miles!Taylor & Ashley_382 Taylor & Ashley_387 Taylor & Ashley_391

Love the moments of prayer throughout the day.  Especially this one.  Right before the ceremony. :)Taylor & Ashley_397 Taylor & Ashley_403 Taylor & Ashley_407 Taylor & Ashley_408 Taylor & Ashley_426 Taylor & Ashley_458 Taylor & Ashley_477 Taylor & Ashley_486 Taylor & Ashley_499

So. Much. Joy.

Taylor & Ashley_410

The Celebration Farm is just beautiful and smells of fresh cut wood…it’s pretty amazing. :)Taylor & Ashley_521 Taylor & Ashley_528Taylor & Ashley_046 Taylor & Ashley_532 Taylor & Ashley_538 Taylor & Ashley_552 Taylor & Ashley_553 Taylor & Ashley_554 Taylor & Ashley_567Taylor & Ashley_610Taylor and Ashley had a ring toss competition for their guests – so fun and such a genius idea! :)Taylor & Ashley_601 Taylor & Ashley_606

Their first dance was That Girl by Justin Timberlake, which by the way, might be the best first dance song I’ve heard.  Every time I hear it, it just makes me smile and want to groove.  Listen to it, I promise you won’t regret it. ;)Taylor & Ashley_640 Taylor & Ashley_644 Taylor & Ashley_654 Taylor & Ashley_667 Taylor & Ashley_689 Taylor & Ashley_700 Taylor & Ashley_720 Taylor & Ashley_722 Taylor & Ashley_737 Taylor & Ashley_738 Taylor & Ashley_760Taylor & Ashley_774 Taylor & Ashley_775 Taylor & Ashley_782

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Miles – You’re wonderful and such an inspiration! Thank you for the blessing of photographing your story!



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