Scott & Josie | A Backyard Horseback Engagement

Well hello there! Welcome back to reality after the long holiday weekend.  Hopefully this Tuesday that feels like Monday is treating you well.  It’s actually incredibly beautiful today here in Iowa with a bit of crisper air that almost feels like Fall!  Oh, and Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which makes life all the better. ;)  I’m even wearing some new brown boots today with anticipation that Fall will come… will….despite the 100 degree weather as of late…

So, today, in celebration of the return of PSLs and the oncoming of Fall, I get to introduce you to an adorable couple in the comfort of their backyard, surrounded by their personality-filled animal friends.  Meet Scott and Josie.  A pair in love with their land who plan to make a home for themselves and grow old together right here where we shot their images.

This was an especially fun engagement session also because Rachel and I got to shoot it together!  There were so many giggles shared as we watched the horses nudge at Scott and Josie and their kitten chase along demanding attention.  I have a feeling you all will enjoy the many frames where the little fur ball is popping his head (or tail) in.  We sure did! :)

Scott & Josie_001

Scott & Josie_014 Scott & Josie_016Scott & Josie_051 Scott & Josie_020 Scott & Josie_026 Scott & Josie_027 Scott & Josie_029-2 Scott & Josie_030 Scott & Josie_039

I love this moment where Scott and Josie took in the beautiful view of their property and chatted about their future plans and dreams with the land.Scott & Josie_044 Scott & Josie_047 Scott & Josie_048 Scott & Josie_057 Scott & Josie_067 Scott & Josie_070 Scott & Josie_076

Just LOVE this little guy! Such a personality! :)Scott & Josie_078 Scott & Josie_080

Hello gorgeous! :)Scott & Josie_088 Scott & Josie_095

Love these next few images shot by Rachel – the horses interacted so perfectly! You can’t make this stuff up! ;)Scott & Josie_096 Scott & Josie_106

Love, love love this! :)Scott & Josie_115 Scott & Josie_108 Scott & Josie_119Scott & Josie_116 Scott & Josie_126 Scott & Josie_128 Scott & Josie_135Scott & Josie_142 Scott & Josie_140

As Rachel and I drove away from the beautiful evening, the sunset caught our attention and we had to stop to capture the beauty.  What an artist God is!Scott & Josie_153

Scott and Josie- you two have a beautiful home and a wonderful “family” to keep you company!  Here’s to many years of happiness inhabiting your property and growing old together!  So looking forward to your wedding this month! :)



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