Kyle & Tammy | A Gorgeous and Intimate Galena Wedding

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Today’s sky is incredibly beautiful – bright blue with giant puffy marshmallow clouds – I love it!  I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend – I had a lot of firsts this weekend.  It was my first double header wedding weekend, my first time warming cookies in a toaster (successful!), and my first time helping roof a house.  Follow me on Instagram for a better look into some of those adventures! :)
Derek and I photographed two amazing couples this weekend and today I’m going to share a few pieces of our Friday wedding with Kyle and Tammy!  These two are outstanding – despite blistering 97 degree heat, they rocked their portraits and enjoyed every moment of their celebration with their closest friends and family.  Their ceremony was at the Little White Church on the Hill  near Galena, Illinois, and every element of their day was thoughtful, intimate, and BEAUTIFUL.  Their four adorable kids were their groomsmen and bridesmaids, how great is that?!  Oh, the day was just wonderful. :)
Kyle’s reaction to seeing Tammy for the first time that day was so great!
And the bridal party – cutest kids ever! :)
Congratulations Kyle and Tammy – thanks so much for the honor of photographing your love story!!
Stay lovely,


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