Kevin & Korie | A Relaxing, Post-Elopement Just Married Session

Happy Happy Friday everyone! What a whirlwind of a week it has been! Mark and I sold two vehicles and purchased two new (to us) cars, my wonderful mother visited for a quick dinner, we started connection group up for the semester and I’m going to my first high school football game in years tonight!  And that’s just a few of the highlights! :)  To top it all off, today FEELS LIKE FALL! If you can’t tell….I’m a bit excited! :)  I had a wonderful pumpkin white mocha this morning with a dear friend while sporting my brown boots with a scarf and cardigan.  What a perfect start to my day and the weekend!

But really, I’ll stop ranting about how much I love Fall and get to the good stuff! :)

Meet Kevin and Korie! These two eloped to Spain this summer and after they returned to Iowa, we spent a little bit of time capturing their newly-married status on the homeland.  We started the evening at The Continental, where they had their first date, over a glass of wine, which happens to be their favorite way to wind down and relax together.  We then ventured through the ever-lovely East Village of Des Moines and just had a great time chatting and exploring! :)



Kevin & Korie_04 Kevin & Korie_06 Kevin & Korie_10 Kevin & Korie_11 Kevin & Korie_17 Kevin & Korie_18 Kevin & Korie_19 Kevin & Korie_22 Kevin & Korie_24-2

Love love love this! :)Kevin & Korie_25 Kevin & Korie_26 Kevin & Korie_29 Kevin & Korie_31 Kevin & Korie_34

A little waltz to set the mood. :)Kevin & Korie_35 Kevin & Korie_40 Kevin & Korie_41 Kevin & Korie_45 Kevin & Korie_46 Kevin & Korie_49 Kevin & Korie_52 Kevin & Korie_54 Kevin & Korie_55

Korie, you’re gorgeous!!Kevin & Korie_57 Kevin & Korie_65Kevin & Korie_62 Kevin & Korie_66 Kevin & Korie_68


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