Website & Blog Launch | Ember Grove Photography

Hello friends!  Today I have happy happy news for you!!  Not only am I ridiculously excited about these incredibly beautiful fall days (and all the sweet treats they bring!), but today the new Ember Grove Photography site goes LIVE!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Seriously, Eva Black is ah-mazing!!  She designed the Ember Grove logo and created the entire site in all its watercolored glory! :)  Jump over to the Ember Grove site and take a look at my pretty new internet home!  I’m starting out with a delicious giveaway, so make sure you see the blog!

With my site live and Val’s soon-to-be, we’re both giddy about our happy new web homes (or homes to be!).  Don’t worry, we’ll still be collaborating on lots of beautiful projects and will be sending tons of gorgeous images your way! :) So go ahead, check out the shiny new Ember Grove site!

And as always, stay lovely!


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