Dan & Anna | A Charming Bellevue State Park Wedding

Good afternoon to my wonderful Monday readers!  I’m so excited to finally be able to share the wonderful wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Oswald with you today!  You heard a little bit of their charming story with their engagement session this past Spring and today you get to witness a new milestone in their relationship, the wonderful Summer day when they said “I do.”  :)

Dan and Anna were married in Anna’s hometown of Bellevue, Iowa, which is just so adorable and full of character!  Anna prepared for the day at her parents’ lovely country home and met Dan for their first look where Dan had knelt down on one knee just months before.  It was a beautiful day full of memories, laughter and loving smiles.  Rachel and I loved spending the day together with these two, capturing their love at its best and are thrilled to share those moments with you!

Dan & Anna_001

Dan & Anna_008 Dan & Anna_011 Dan & Anna_013 Dan & Anna_014 Dan & Anna_017 Dan & Anna_022-2 Dan & Anna_026 Dan & Anna_030 Dan & Anna_033Dan & Anna_038Dan & Anna_039 Dan & Anna_036 Dan & Anna_041 Dan & Anna_045 Dan & Anna_050

Joy. Pure joy.Dan & Anna_056 Dan & Anna_059 Dan & Anna_060

One of my favorite aspects of their day? The fact that Dan would tote Anna around over his shoulder.  Definitely his fireman skills coming out! :)Dan & Anna_064Dan & Anna_077 Dan & Anna_070 Dan & Anna_073-2 Dan & Anna_076-2 Dan & Anna_078 Dan & Anna_081 Dan & Anna_083 Dan & Anna_087 Dan & Anna_089 Dan & Anna_097 Dan & Anna_105 Dan & Anna_113 Dan & Anna_120 Dan & Anna_123 Dan & Anna_125 Dan & Anna_138 Dan & Anna_141 Dan & Anna_207

I love this flying ‘V’ that Rachel captured during portraits. So great. :)Dan & Anna_210 Dan & Anna_219 Dan & Anna_220 Dan & Anna_226 Dan & Anna_251 Dan & Anna_259 Dan & Anna_266 Dan & Anna_284 Dan & Anna_291Dan & Anna_278 Dan & Anna_297 Dan & Anna_321 Dan & Anna_326Dan & Anna_396 Dan & Anna_345 Dan & Anna_346 Dan & Anna_351 Dan & Anna_352 Dan & Anna_357

Isn’t she lovely?Dan & Anna_362 Dan & Anna_366

Love this next set of Rachel’s images…beauty. :)Dan & Anna_371 Dan & Anna_375 Dan & Anna_379-2 Dan & Anna_402 Dan & Anna_411

It should be noted that Dan built this cross and Rachel painted that lovely sign! Love it! :)Dan & Anna_413 Dan & Anna_415Dan & Anna_420 Dan & Anna_416 Dan & Anna_436 Dan & Anna_454 Dan & Anna_469 Dan & Anna_473

Their reception had so many fun games and playful elements that Rachel captured beautifully!  How much fun are these!? :)Dan & Anna_493 Dan & Anna_497 Dan & Anna_498Dan & Anna_425 Dan & Anna_510 Dan & Anna_524Dan and Anna- you had a wonderful celebration and Rachel and I couldn’t be more happy for you as you start your life together! Happy and loving wishes are being sent your way! :)


ps…be sure to keep up with Rachel on her shiny new blog! :)


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