Behind the Lenses

There’s something incredibly daunting about describing yourself to someone you’ve never met.  The task can be paralyzing and make you feel like you don’t even know yourself, so how could you possibly put it into words?  As photographers who are passionate about our art and the stories we tell, we want so badly to portray who we really are to you.  Like any other friendship, ours will cultivate over time, so for now, we’ll share with you the things we love, the things that inspire and we’ll be great friends in no time! :)

We both happen to love...Jesus, natural light, love stories, cozy socks, road trips, fresh flowers, coffee shops, calligraphy, movement in photographs, letterpress, Georgia,  Golden Retrievers, boots, scarves, Scratch cupcakes, unique restaurants and homes, music, mountains, vintage shops, Rifle Paper Co., Apple products, paper stores, and last but not least, our families and relationships with our mothers. :)

Valerie Portraits_0071Valerie loves…
-The natural beauty of God’s creation
-Pumpkin White Mocha’s (especially from Starbucks)
-The way that umbrellas paint the sidewalks on a rainy day
-Paw prints in freshly fallen snow
-The scape of fallen leaves and the crunch they make as I walk across them in Autumn
-The smell and beauty of a field filled with bluebells
-The smell of old books
-Rough sketches
-Polaroid photos
-The sound of a stand-alone acoustic guitar
-Puppy yawns
-Unique doors (especially in foreign countires)
-The mirage of yellow taxis that fill a busy city street
-Walking in warm rain
-The way Father of the Bride makes me cry EVERY time…never fails when Annie calls George from the airport…the tears start flowing…
-Hearing someone singing passionately, yet incredibly off-tune
-Old vintage photo booths
-A long-awaited embrace from someone you love…the kind you don’t want to end

QO4A5814Rachel loves…
-Hand drawn illustrations full of delicate lines and bold colors
-The smell of warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven
-The character of soft, worn leather
-Leaning into a hug
-Bluegrass music floating through festival grounds
-Warm summer nights and crisp fall days
-A mug of foamy chai tea latte
-Standing in a forest of redwood trees, awed by the beauty and strength of God’s creation
-Bright, infectious laughter
-The buttery, fruity perfection of a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich
-Bicycling across both city streets and rural trails
-Long, country runs in colorful running shoes
-Apple orchards
-The moment when a stranger becomes a friend
-Filling a journal from cover to cover
-Road trips, new scenery, and new adventures
-Perfectly scripted typography
-The memory of a moment as part of a beautifully crafted life story



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