Andy & Amelia | A Cheerful Walk in the Park Ames Engagement

Hey hey! It’s a good day, isn’t it? Not only is it Friday and beautiful outside, but we have lots of pretty and happy here on the blog as well!  Andy and Amelia are just so cheerful that you can feel the happiness exuding from their images.  These two were highschool sweethearts who thrived through several extended periods of long distance and are about to be separated once more before they marry!  I have a lot of respect for such endurant relationships and loved hearing how Andy traveled to visit Amelia in Peru and proposed atop a mountain!  :)

We began the session by exploring some of the less traveled, yet lovely streets of Ames and found such wonderful colors and textures!  We then ventured around to a few different parks and it was so fun to see these two relax and enjoy their time together while I photographed the whole beautiful scene. :)

*It should be noted that I may or may not have made up the word ‘endurant.’ ;)

Andy & Amelia_001Andy & Amelia_008 Andy & Amelia_004-2 Andy & Amelia_010 Andy & Amelia_013This may be my new favorite building in Ames! What a gem! :) Andy & Amelia_014Andy & Amelia_031 Andy & Amelia_018 Andy & Amelia_019 Andy & Amelia_023 Andy & Amelia_030Love that adoring look! :)Andy & Amelia_026 Andy & Amelia_033 Andy & Amelia_043So much joy. :) Andy & Amelia_045 Andy & Amelia_047 Andy & Amelia_049 Andy & Amelia_052 Andy & Amelia_053Love!!!! Andy & Amelia_054 Andy & Amelia_066-2 Andy & Amelia_070-2Andy & Amelia_061 Andy & Amelia_072-2Andy & Amelia_077 Andy & Amelia_075Just a walk in the park and a dance on the path. Too fun. :)Andy & Amelia_079-2 Andy & Amelia_078-2 Andy & Amelia_081-2 Andy & Amelia_082 Andy & Amelia_087 Andy & Amelia_091 Andy & Amelia_092 Andy & Amelia_095 Andy & Amelia_098 Andy & Amelia_100Andy and Amelia- You two are so much fun! What a beautiful relationship you have that has clearly stood the test of time and distance!  As you go into another time of separation, I wish you the absolute best and can’t wait to be there for the day that marks an end to your time apart! :)



Dane & Maddie | A Joyful Reunited Ames Engagement

Dane & Maddie are just too much fun.  I think 90% of the images I captured for their engagement include laughter and I absolutely love that about them.  If you read my recent Lens Perspective post with Maddie’s experience, you’ll remember that she was nervous for their shoot.  But let me tell you, these two did amazing and were such a joy to photograph!

When I first sat down with Dane & Maddie and listened to them tell their story, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun together.  Maddie told me how she had noticed Dane from a distance for a while, but as their paths rarely crossed, he seemed “unreachable” and she quickly dismissed the idea from her mind.  Then, some time later, they were both invited to a mutual friend’s house and amongst the crowd of mingling people, Maddie caught Dane’s eye and at that moment knew that she was special and he wanted to get to know her.  There was something drawing him to her and you can imagine Maddie’s surprise and excitement when he first approached her!

I photographed these two at Ada Hayden, a beautiful park where Dane brought Maddie to pop the question.  Through a (now hilarious) loss of breath, nerves and sweet words, he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him and she said YES!

What a love they share, enjoy their images! :)

Dane & Maddie_0056

Dane & Maddie_0042 Dane & Maddie_0043 Dane & Maddie_0049-2 Dane & Maddie_0054 Dane & Maddie_0055 Dane & Maddie_0079

Dane & Maddie_0082Dane & Maddie_0081  Dane & Maddie_0094 Dane & Maddie_0121 Dane & Maddie_0135

Dane & Maddie_0132-2 Dane & Maddie_0155Dane spent this summer in Africa on a mission trip and every day he wrote to Maddie in a journal.  Every day, since his return, she has read an entry and this day, she read another on the bench where Dane proposed!  It was a long summer, but sweet moments like these make it worth it!

Dane & Maddie_0269 Dane & Maddie_0242 Dane & Maddie_0307 Dane & Maddie_0329 Dane & Maddie_0334

Dane & Maddie_0287-2 Dane & Maddie_0278 Dane & Maddie_0362 Dane & Maddie_0385 Dane & Maddie_0434 Dane & Maddie_0452 Dane & Maddie_0475 Dane & Maddie_0480

Dane & Maddie_0510 Dane & Maddie_0482 Dane & Maddie_0528 Dane & Maddie_0530 Dane & Maddie_0548 Dane & Maddie_0584

Dane & Maddie – you are such a fun pair to be with and I am so excited to see how God grows you this year!  January will be here before you know it! :)


Jordan & Bree | A Twinkle-Lit Ames Proposal

Oh, do I have a sweet treat for you all today!  Last night as dusk settled into a breezy dark, Jordan took Bree for an evening walk.  As they held hands and strolled a usual path, the fireflies danced around them, almost as if in preparation for the beautiful moment about to unfold.  It really was perfect. :) As they approached the path that would light as soon as they arrived, Jordan diverted Bree’s attention to the fireflies and they chased after them while he waited for the perfect light.  Then, finally, heart racing, Jordan took Bree by the hand and led her toward the gazebo.  A path of lights lit their way and as they stepped into the gazebo, an array of lights surrounded them.  Her eyes lit up with excitement as her best friend got down on his knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.  Jordan's Proposal_0009-2

Jordan's Proposal_0080 Jordan's Proposal_0082 Jordan's Proposal_0089 Jordan's Proposal_0098 Jordan's Proposal_0099

Jordan's Proposal_0171 Jordan's Proposal_0110 Jordan's Proposal_0136 Jordan's Proposal_0144

Jordan's Proposal_0093 Jordan's Proposal_0172 Jordan's Proposal_0193

Congratulations you two! Loved being there to witness such a joyful and beautiful thing! :)


Adam & Kjirsten | A Rainy Day Ames Engagement

Well hello there friends! Rachel and I took this last week off from blogging because SHE GOT MARRIED!!! and I needed a little break as well.  She is currently honeymooning her heart out in Wisconsin with her now husband, Derek, and they seem to be having a lovely ole time.  If you haven’t followed her on Instagram – be sure to!  She has been posting some adorable images from their time on the lake.  You can find us on social media through the icons on the right! :) You may or may not get sneak peeks of our different sessions that only Instagram followers see! ;)

For today, I have yet another beautiful couple to share with you! Adam and Kjirsten.  These two are so fun and just so “go with the flow!”  We shot these first images while the clouds didn’t look too ominous and the sun was still out.  Then, minutes later it was pouring (oddly appropriate for today)!  But that didn’t stop us!  We got some really lovely rainy images and when the rain stopped, the greens of the grass and trees were even greener and wonderfully vibrant!

Adam & Kjirsten_004

Adam & Kjirsten_005 Adam & Kjirsten_003 Adam & Kjirsten_010 Adam & Kjirsten_011 Adam & Kjirsten_019 Adam & Kjirsten_022

Ahh, I love this! So romantic! :)Adam & Kjirsten_024 Adam & Kjirsten_034 Adam & Kjirsten_035 Adam & Kjirsten_038

Adam & Kjirsten_044

Stunning.Adam & Kjirsten_040

Adam & Kjirsten_063

That ring!!!!Adam & Kjirsten_072 Adam & Kjirsten_065 Adam & Kjirsten_070 Adam & Kjirsten_074 Adam & Kjirsten_080 Adam & Kjirsten_084 Adam & Kjirsten_086

And this is where Adam asked Kjirsten to spend the rest of their lives together.  Under the campanile, a classic.Adam & Kjirsten_091

To end the evening, we captured a bit of what matters most, the glue that holds their love together; their relationship with God.Adam & Kjirsten_116

Adam & KJ – Less than a month left to go! So excited for your marriage and the beautiful days ahead.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part. :)


James & Katie | A Sentimental Ames Elementary Engagement

Years ago, a 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Huston, was captured by the caring and sweet heart of a boy named James in her class.  Today, after the providential turns of life, she gets to call him her soon-to-be son-in-law.   James & Katie’s relationship bloomed years later amidst a mission trip in South Dakota and you can only imagine Mrs. Huston’s joy when she heard just who it was that her daughter was interested in.  Throughout their relationship, the two would walk from James’ childhood home just down the street to the very elementary school where James was taught by Katie’s mom.  Roosevelt elementary.  This school had a classic wooden playground that made for a great conversation point and was even the location of their first kiss. (Shhh, don’t tell their parents!) ;)



This is the exact spot of their first kiss! :) 2013-04-22_0003 2013-04-22_0004

2013-04-22_0005 2013-04-22_0006 2013-04-22_0008 2013-04-22_0007 2013-04-22_0009 2013-04-22_0010 2013-04-22_0012

During one of their many moments on the playground, they carved their initials in one of the trees and it still remains today, a mark of the many memories made there.  What a lovely memento.

2013-04-22_0011 2013-04-22_0013 2013-04-22_0015 2013-04-22_0014 2013-04-22_0016 2013-04-22_0017 2013-04-22_0018 2013-04-22_0020 2013-04-22_0019

2013-04-22_0021 2013-04-22_0022 2013-04-22_0023 2013-04-22_0024 2013-04-22_0025


James & Katie – what a beautiful story you have.  I hope these images will serve as a small reflection of the wonderful memories you share here.